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Yoga Know How - what's that?

Article on health by Pravesh (Ulrich Stadter),
live music entertainer, Yoga teacher, health researcher

Dear reader,

after over 20 years of self-study and the study of the old Indian science of Yoga, I am happy to be able to offer this 'Yoga-Know-How' to you.

I've heard that alone in Germany, which is said to be a medically very well-supplied country, we have between 5000 to 16000 deaths caused only by the disease of 'influenza' every year (!)
- by the way, not only elderly people, also youths.

According to my opinion, that wouldn't be necessary and shouldn't be.

If everybody did cure himself or herself like I use to do since some years to keep myself fit for my job as a live musician, most probably millions or even billions of Euros, Dollars and - not to forget - thousands of lives could have been saved.

I am using the example of 'influenza', because this kind of disease is so popular and, in addition, it can be life-endangering.
But since the methods of 'Yoga-Know-How' deal with health rather than with diseases, they function against other diseases as well, not only against influenza.

There is one thing we should try to understand first.
This is my theory and it has proved itself to be quite practical up to now, especially for being able to keep the throat healthy and therefore to sing well during my music entertainer nighttime job:
The body knows exactly which kinds of poisons and germs it wants to get rid off - by the wisdom of nature. We with our human mind don't have to think over it in every detail before it can happen.

If we had to decide by our intellect which kind of digestive enzyme has to be given to which kind of food in which part of the belly - even if we would all be scientists who know many of those things - it would be quite complicated.
But it is all done automatically by nature - presupposed that nature is not prevented from doing so by, for instance, too much stress that we lay upon ourselves in our daily lives. Surely, we need a certain amount of stress to stay healthy. But ...

I often take the example of a computer for this. Maybe you know how it is, if a computer 'hangs up itself'? This can even happen to brand-new computers:
the computer knows exactly what to do, but it cannot do it anymore. There are too many 'orders' at once. It is all too much.
The same thing happens with the body in non-stopping stress. It strikes, just in the same way as a computer 'hangs up itself'.

The result of this we use to call a 'disease'.
('Dis-ease' - not easy, but it was all in all too heavy for this individual.)

So at least in 'critical situations' we should support the body in its natural functions by applying natural means so that it can go on functioning properly.

Getting rid of a flu in two days

I'd like to tell you a little story.
On September 24th, 2003, I got some bad influenza infection. I remarked the typical sudden symptoms with the mucous membranes becoming destroyed.
Immediately I started applying certain methods which I had been testing and improving for years.
On September 26th (two days later), my body was completely free of symptoms of that influenza - the head was free, the nose was free, the lungs were free
and there were no problems to me in going on performing my live music jobs.

If you want to know how I did do that, please read on.

I recognized that these methods can be of value for all people. So I decided to write to the German health ministery. [here is some link for reading the Website I wrote for them (in German) ... ]

Well, I am sorry to have to say this: their answer showed me that they have to do other things than to deal with what I want to say ...
Maybe it sounded too strange what I wrote, so they might have considered me a lunatic. Maybe they didn't read it at all - I don't know.
After a while I decided I'd better not wait until they'd run after my ideas and want to understand at all.

As you see, there are many ways a truth can spread itself.
"Some 'bullshit stories' may spread like the wind, but the truth can also sail against the wind", a great yogi once said.

Free - why, if it be so precious?

I want to offer a real alternative to all people who might need such a konwledge now and who maybe are in need and maybe cannot afford special medical support for themselves.

I for myself got this knowledge gratis by the mercy of God, so I want to offer it free to all as well.
(Besides it, it is not at all buyable by money, as I have to see again and again!)

If, in spite of that, you'd like to support this website financially by free will, you are welcome to do so, of course. Details for this you find later on thess pages.

For a while, I used to give Yoga-seminaries and adult evening classes, too and they were not gratis, of course. But by those alone I were not able to reach so many people than by these web-pages.

Still, he who wants to profit from this 'Yoga Know How' has to do his own part, that is: practice these methods!
That is the only way in which one really 'has to pay' for it.
Otherwise I am sorry I cannot do anything for him ...

"Omnia mea mecum porto - all that is mine, I'm carrying it with me."

- Bias of Pirene

The things which you need for applying these methods, normally you might have them in your household. If not, you can purchase them in a grocery.

Although wellness and health are one big theme, here this theme is split into several parts: The more you establish the latter, the less you will need the former.

The 'Infection-Survival-Kit'
mainly consists of cleaning-processes that bring toxins and bacterias out of the body in three different ways or channels:

Through these three 'channels' many different kinds of poisons use to leave the body. By applying the methods of 'Yoga-Know-How', these poisons and germs are thrown out of the body by ten to fifteen times faster than normally!
That means: bacterias are removed more quickly than they could procreate inside the body - they just don't have enough time for it!

The 'Quick Relief' and The Prophylaxis

consist of several factors which work in many different ways. You can use and should use the techniques of the 'Survival-Kit' as regular prophylaxis, too. All in all, that is the most comfortable solution, of course.

Many of these components may seem familiar to you already. If you'll read how it goes, maybe you'll even ask yourself, if 'that' in fact should be all.
But exactly that is the point: it is very easy to perform.
Still, specially the components of the 'Survival-Kit' and of the 'Quick-Relief' -techniques gain their unusual power in exactly this combination!

Strong immune system

Even if you may think that you would not be able to make time for those processes at the respective moment of some virus infection or a cold, being busy as a shiftworker, teacher, live music artist or something else - the following principles still should be tried to be given attention to:

You should use the three main methods of the 'Survival Kit' (the three 'cleaning channels' of the body) all at once and immediately after you feel the beginning of an infection in the throat, head or somewhere else. This is very important and it is one of the main tricks why the 'Yoga-Know-How' functions so well.
If you would wait too long before applying, you'd lose a great opportunity that you have got in your hands in the battle against virusses and germs.

My experience is: if I wait one day too long, the whole disease will increase its length by about five days. That's one thing you should keep in mind.
I guess that not only people who are working as live music entertainers love their precious lifetime ...

The concrete method of 'Yoga-Know-How' - here it comes! (please "fasten your seat belts" and click)

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