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· "Airl" 1947 Roswell
· Asha Alene
· Bojic, Goran M.
· Byrd, Admiral
· Bradley, Penny
· Clauss, Andreas
· Cramer, Randy
· Denk, Peter
· Eisenhower, Laura
· Essex, Jay
· Goode, Corey
· Görlitz, Stefan A.
· Dr. Greer, Steven
· Hellyer, Paul
· Icke, David
· Jasinski, Christa
· Kautz-Vella, Harald
· Lacerta
· Mutwa, Credo
· Nielsen, Bridget
· Parkes, Simon
· Dr. Peterson, Pete
· Rodrigues, Tony
· Roewer, Helmut
· Dr. Salla, Michael
· Schrang, Heiko
· Smith, Emery
· Supersoldiers
· Tompkins, William
· Wilcock, David
· Woodard, Billie Faye

! Video des Monats, Video of the month !
Now also with English subtitles!

Peter Denk bei Trump-Putin-Gipfel ...

"Wenn Diejenigen, die Volks-Verblödung praktizieren, merken, dass man ihnen draufkommt,
dann nennen sie das eine 'Verschwörungstheorie'."

- Pravesh

"Do not rely on the official apparatus of state to tell you the truth at this time!
Their interest is not in your survival, it is in reducing your numbers."

- Randy Cramer

"If you don't use your eyes for seeing,
you will need them for crying."

! Hier übrigens ein super Tip bezüglich Massenmedien! ...

Well, how should I explain ... we have learned quite different things in school than what is told and shown on this webpage. And now this Pravesh comes along and wants to tell you that we have to learn anew our history, our potentials, and last but not least: what is really going on around us since long time. The point is: some criminals want us not to know many many things that are true and they put a lot of effort in hiding those truths from us.

Long ago, the American president Eisenhower has warned humanity that very advanced technology had fallen into wrong hands. His speech did not get too much attention then, but today they talk of it the more!

President Clinton said: "... There is a government inside the government and I don't control it."

2017, it has been said by space-program-insider Corey Goode that there are 38 levels of secrecy above the president of the United States(!).

If you really want to understand what's going on behind the official scenes, you're gonna be able to.
As I see it, everything which is claimed here can be explained scientifically, if we want to know about more fundamental basics of true science.

Still, if advanced technology is offered, that does not mean that we should make ourselves dependent on it. Otherwise we would probably abuse the technology, or even become slaves of it, maybe without perceiving that to happen.
In addition, we would not develop our full potential as humans, which is awesome. Humans can potentially do things such as telepathy, teleportation etc., without technology that some extraterrestrials can only do with the help of technology.

I've searched the web specially in these subjects now for a while, since I came to realize that so much more is there to see than we are shown officially. I tried to write down some important words of those spoken in the videos and put them into the context, so that you, without even having to start the video, can more easily decide if you want to see a respective video or not.

The subject all in all is about the so-called full disclosure, which means, all the facts and informations about mankind's connection not only to the earth's surface, but also to the rest of the universe that are anyhow in reach, should be openly and freely given. That's the common claim of those insiders I study here, in contrary to what the 'dark side'* wants, which is to keep us longer in ignorance and unpiece, amd whose motto for us is: 'Work - buy - consume - die!'

* See also: "Cabal" - a global network of criminal syndicates ...

Actually, I just wanted to find out what the true form of our dear mother Earth is. Having heard more and more weird informations about earth's form being different from what we had learnt in school, I searched the web and tried to distinguish fake informations from probably true ones. I don't know if I always suceeded in that, still it came out that I seem to have to write the book of a part of my personal learning anew ...

Nobody can force you to learn. So learning is an act of free will. If you decide not to learn, you may stay as you are, and make yourself immune against any enlargement of your horizon :). If you decide to put your attention on truth, the sources of truth may come to you nearly by themselves.
And - listening to the right kind of people makes a big difference if you want to see a glimpse of the bigger picture! These kind of people I've tried to find out for this website. They are mentioned below, along with a lot of hopefully useful links.

The official media of mother Earth's surface world - television, radio, newspapers etc - only show to you what the respective governments want you to see and think. That is like a very little, distorted pictureframe of a very much bigger picture.
"It has been quite astonishing to see the difference between what (Donald) Trump is actually saying and how the controlled mainstream media interprets reality." - (Corey Goode)
Or, in other words: they show to you something like movie-projections on the inner walls of an egg. Well, you can stay in that egg, if you like ... :)

For maintaining your inner peace, it should be enough to believe in some higher love and intelligence, however you personally might call that.

Actually, the things that seem to happen on, in and around planet earth and in the universes (outside the 'eggshell'), let stories like 'Harry Potter', 'Star Wars', 'Jurassic Park', and others appear like children's dances compared to that. Rather, some of Jules Vernes' stories, SciFi-stories and many traditional fairy tales and legends seem to be more documentations than fictions.

Besides: I for myself am convinced that if more human beings nourish their bodies in a vegetarian or vegan way, we can eliminate a lot of problems and perversions going on in this world at the moment, because there may be a lot of hidden coherences ...

If you want to see more of the bigger picture and of what actually is going on, watch the informations given by true insiders and whistleblowers!

Maybe we should each one do our best to carefully beware of the so-called new world order, which seems to be nothing else than a giant dictatureship and which crawls silently between the lines of intentional half-truths and power-games by governments! Many are warning before a second holocaust, and we all should see that we are on a good way to run exactly into such a thing again, if we are not alert enough! Nobody wants to get there and still, if we keep on supporting the babylonian money mafia system, actually by our own fears (because feeding our fears feeds them!), by this they try to slowly enmesh us in big slavery. Do you want that?
What does the world need to wake up?
We should not jump off the hands of truth! I am convinced: if we carry Truth, then Truth, which is "Christ", will carry us, too.

The following links-collection may help you to find your way through the information jungle. The list is not ordered too logically, sorry :) !
Still, imagining that not everyone of you, dear readers, may have the time to look at each of the videos, I took the time to write down some excerpts of the spoken words in some of the videos and to add the texts near the respective link. Also the respective duration times (hours:minutes:seconds) of many of the videos are written down, so that you may find it easier to decide if you want to watch a video or not.
In Addition, there are some direct links to special exact moments within some videos, so you won't have to look for the respective moment in the video, and you don't have to watch from the beginning, but you can just click directly into it.

In case some video has been taken out, you may just copy the title and search it anew in youtube! There may be some chance to find it again, uploaded anew.

Love, Pravesh :)

! For eventual risks considering the following links and subsequent links the author of this website does not take any responsibility! The fact that links exist does not mean that the author would share the opinions of the respective authors.

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