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Live music

As you all know, there are several ways to reproduce music in our modern age.

Depending on what respective occasion we have, we use different kinds of methods to get ourselves surrounded by good music or what we individually use to consider as such.

Nowadays, frequently you can hear some small kind of speaker walking down the sidewalk. If you look there, it has two legs, arms and a head with some cables coming out of the ears.

Sometimes all of a sudden you hear some short, repeated music coming out of the handbag of somebody.

People may come home from their working day, touch the entertainment cabinet at a certain place and soon some wonderfully mixed music is becoming audible.

Others may sit at the roadside blowing into some bluesharp and hoping for their upside-down turned hat to produce some metallic kind of rhythm.

That may nor seem a very luxurious thought nor too much desirable for most people, but still that is the first example of real live music in this article.

There are also examples of 'unreal' live music.

Even world-famous music-stars may seem to produce live music in television shows, for instance. But for these occasions it is often used what they call 'playback' - it is not sung and played directly live but in reality it comes out of the 'conserve'.

Also if you sometimes see and hear some music-entertainer playing amplified by electronic speakers at some event, if you listen and look closely, you may remark that not all of what he does with his hands or his mouth may be in accordance with what you are hearing.

Well - if he admits that it is playback and does not call that »live music« - allright ...

But still there are also some crazy musicians, which in spite of the todays potentialities play really live. That means, they are really using their own fingers to press the right keys and use their own voice to sing the right tones at the right time.

So with their performances, some occasional wrong tone may be more a quality characteristic than a problem (if it does not occur too often, of course ...)!

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